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Updated: Oct 20

Your Resource for Residential and Commercial Spray Painting and Finishing

Cómo estás? ... Good, good. I'm Rich Baldwin, owner of Baldwin & Co. Painting and Finishing. I grew up painting with my Dad, he taught me everything that I didn't learn from somewhere else. I have over 10 years of experience in spray paint, finishes, residential and commercial projects and with our spray booth, I've been able to repaint numerous kitchens for clients across Calgary! The spray booth is my happy place, so if you feel your project may be muy grande, fine by me.

This resource page and these Vlogs are for you!

I'm frequently testing new products and looking for the best applications. Spray paints and stains have come a LONG WAY since I started in the painting industry. Whether you are a client or someone else, I'll be sharing my knowledge, we'll have some fun, and I may even post a bloopers real. Basically, you deserve to know what to expect when its time to revive that tired cabinet, vanity, [ insert project here].

If you don't know your best options for your kitchen repaint, keep your chin up! We'll compare benefits of lacquers vs. stains vs. paints. We'll check out solvent and water-based products. We'll talk about why a spray finish is often the best finish and how a cabinet repaint can be both cost effective and less intrusive than installing a whole new kitchen.

Future Posts

Déjame pintarte un cuadro. 
Let me paint you a picture.

We'll have a piece for you at least once a month. Great work and happy clients are a top priority and as we do more, we can show you more! I'm sure you understand.

Upcoming Post...

...... Paint or Stain? Each have their benefits but what's best for your project?

...... Kitchen Repaint Q and A

...... How much damage is too much damage to repaint your cabinets?

Is there something else you want to know? Do you have questions?

Contact us and we will answer.

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