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Big and small, we do them all.  

When you're looking for a partner in construction that makes you look good in front of your customers - no one cares more than us in delivering what you need.


We believe that you should love where you live. Work with us to ensure you get that professional touch with every room, door, nook, and feature wall.​

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Paint or stain, we can't complain.   
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As with painting, staining requires a professional touch. Without it, all anyone will see are the imperfections. From decks to pergolas, we can offer that rich finish only real wood can provide.


In Calgary and the surrounding area, a lot of workmanship has gone into making cabinets over the years. Let us bring those carefully crafted cabinets back to life with a fresh coat of paint or stain. With the right shade, we will highlight the character that only age can provide.


Living so close to the mountains is prime real estate. There are some amazing homes that need only a little sprucing up. We can add a refreshing new look without taking away from originality.

Could our spray booth benefit your project?
Check Out Our Spray Booth

So you have a project. Do you need some help with stain and color choices?

Luckily, we work alongside a certified color expert and interior stylist on many of our projects. Contact Rachel Borrelli at Diversa Designs for a color consultation then let us handle the rest.

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